The GRAMMY Awards

Part 1:

The genre I have chosen is Pop music. The genre has went through some changes throughout the years, for one example of changes occurred in the 60’s. Throughout this whole decade they called the sub-genres for pop “Contemporary…” which means to occur or belong in present time. I believe that Joe Jackson may have created the sub-genre Pop Instrumental Album in 2000 and which is a very popular category to this day. There are many artists that have their artwork nominated for this sub-genre in Pop. Even though there have been great performers throughout all genres of music since the very beginning of it, I think we all can agree a little when I say that Adele has risen to the top of that list. I do not believe that it was he specific style that created the sub-genre but let alone her raw talent. Overall the sub-genres haven’t gone through that many changes and they don’t seem to be too much different then the one in the earlier years. They all seem to be quite similar actually just a word is added or taken away to change it. Maybe the labeled one as an album versus a single or one sub-genre was a solo performance while the other was a duet or even a group.


Part 2:

Quincy Jones worked on multiple of Michael Jackson’s songs that were award winners such as: Beat It, Thriller (Both in 1983), and then We Are the World (1985). David Foster was awarded producer of the year two times, once in 1991 and another time in 1993. I feel like “winners” of anything are a great influence. Especially when it’s in your industry, the artist or producer that achieves the awarded most likely is going to have followers of some sort. Weather they want to copy the style completely, which happens more than less sadly, or just uses his winning experience to push them to create something great for themselves. Winners impact others by creating the desire for them to want to be in their spot. This creates some kind of competition. I feel that maybe Quincy Jones should have won an award in 1979, just because of the fact that he is a great artist/producer and one more grammy seems to hurt.




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