Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”

Marvin Gaye’s image before the release of his song “What’s Going On” he seemed like he was more laid back and calm in my opinion, as if he was still finding himself with his music and being an artist. Cracking out his shell you could say. When he incorporated jazz and funk into his music, this created his new sound. This new sound would be used for the song “What’s Going On” released in 1971 and future songs to come. It sounded as if it was more “relaxing” or “soothing” in my opinion, I just start to feel it more than his earlier work. It sounds if he started to pour is heart out into his music. The biggest influence for the album would have to be his brother Frankie’s stories of the war in Vietnam but this still would’ve have been the same without  the help of Renaldo Benson. This is who gave the idea to Marvin Gaye. When the song was ready to be released it faced a few obstacles that kind’ve held up the process. One of those which was Barry Gordy, his wife’s brother, who said it was the worst thing he’s ever heard. Gordy refused to release the song in fear that it would hurt Marvin Gaye’s reputation. This album was set apart by other soul recordings at the time because of the fact that it was influenced by powerful events. Most of the other songs of the time were love songs of some sort or something along the mainstream lines.


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