Columbia Records

In 1887 the Columbia Phonograph and the American Graphophone Company’s were founded and would eventually come to form Columbia Records. This company was not only well known for its impact on music and the American recording industry, but also for its impact on modern life. Being around for one hundred and twenty-five years, Columbia Records has came to bring us many of the tracks we know today from many artist we know if love. These artist rage from modern day talents such as Adele, all the way to classics like Bob Dylan and everything in between. The power of influence upon the creative mind is tremendous, and who are artist influenced by? Other artist, and Columbia Records provided us with over a hundred different artists/bands many of which are award winning. Within the names you would see that it would include some greats such as Leonard Bernstein, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Al Jolson, Barbra Streisand, Bessie Smith, Johnny Cash, and so many more that shaped the industry into what it is today. Without this record label where would the music industry be today? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be as enjoyable, but I think we can all agree when I say it wouldn’t be the same. Even though the need for major labels in todays music industry is dying off and the age of independent artist is growing, we wouldn’t be here today with out them. Things are always changing in the entertainment industry, are you ready to adapt? I am, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be successful in this industry. It all starts with a dream and some inspiration. In the next five years from now I see myself working with artist and producers to achieve the sound they want for their piece of art that they’re trying to showcase to the world. Whether big or small, I just hope to help my client make a masterpiece that they would be proud of.





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